Free Retirement Reality Check

To help you make an educated, informed decision about hiring Prana Wealth, we offer a free Retirement Reality Check assessment to show you how to improve your finances before you pay us a single dollar in fees.

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The Retirement Reality Check helps you answer three critical questions:

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We review your current financial picture and determine if the retirement that you want is realistic.

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We review your accounts and tax information to look for opportunities to lower your taxes now and in retirement.

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We examine your portfolio to ensure that you’re not missing out on any investment opportunities.

How It Works

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Initial Phone Meeting

First we have a quick 15-minute introductory call to see if our expertise matches up with your needs. If Prana Wealth is not a good fit, we will make sure to introduce you to another high integrity firm that is better suited to your needs.

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First In-Depth Meeting

Next we have a 60-90 minute meeting where we make sure that we are crystal-clear about all of your financial goals, needs and desires to assist us in building out your Retirement Reality Check. Before this meeting, we will also request a few important documents from you.

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Our Analysis

We now apply our years of financial planning training and experience to your situation to determine if you’re on track for retirement, if you can lower your taxes, and if your investments can be improved.

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Second In-Depth Meeting

We follow up with another in-depth meeting in which we go over – in plain English – exactly what you need to do to meet your financial needs and goals. This includes the answers to the three questions included in the Retirement Reality Check.

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Think It Over

At Prana Wealth we are looking for long-term relationships, so there’s no rush or pressure for you to make a decision. After we meet, we want you to make sure that our philosophy, our recommendations and the value that we bring are in-line with your needs and expectations.

Third Meeting and Paperwork

In our third meeting, we will answer any remaining questions that you may have and, if you’re ready, get started on the paperwork required to become a Prana Wealth client. Prior to this meeting we will have sent you a detailed explanation of this process and addressed many of your concerns.

No Pressure

At Prana Wealth we don’t believe in high pressure, hard-sell tactics. If we’re not a good fit, we’ll do our best to connect you with another high-integrity financial advisor, shake hands and part ways as friends.

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Step 01: Book a Free Initial Phone Meeting


Are We A Good Fit?

We do our best work with:

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Professionals Over Age 40

The majority of our clients are professionals and executives with established careers who are actively planning for retirement, if not planning to retire in the very near future.

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People Established In Life

Our clients typically have accumulated retirement assets of $400,000 or more (excluding real estate). While they appreciate nice things, they are more interested in creating rich experiences while saving for a secure future.

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People Who Want To Delegate The Details

While they control the big decisions, our clients invest in hiring a seasoned professional to help them proactively implement the details so they can spend time on what’s important.

If this sounds like you, then let’s talk.


Step 01: Book a Free Initial Phone Meeting

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