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Patrick King, CFP®

I started Prana Wealth as an alternative to the big-box brokerage houses and pretentious firms that cater to the ultra-wealthy. Building this firm is my way of “walking the talk” by pursuing the work I love on my terms, just as I encourage my clients to do. I feel incredibly lucky to come to work every day and help people truly inhabit their life choices with confidence.

My work is about so much more than just money. It’s about listening to people’s unique stories, and helping them find the best way to support their journey through life. I truly feel that financial advice aside, my real job is to have deep and authentic conversations with people about what they want from life and how they can pay for it.

When I can connect with clients and give them that kind of clarity, it’s magical.

I can still remember the crushing sadness I felt as a child whenever I heard my parents fight over money – and I was lucky to have a wonderful childhood and amazing parents. Today, I’m passionate about helping my clients take away those fears and traumas they’ve learned about money over the years, and find a way to move forward with renewed joy.

I’ve worked with clients worth over $100 million and less than $1,000. Over that time, there have been two kinds of clients: those that try to create a great life and those that try to create more money. The thing most people don’t expect to hear me tell them, is that the clients who try to create a great life filled with deep relationships, purpose and memorable experiences are not only more fulfilled – they are also more financially successful.

I’m not interested in helping people become wealthy and miserable. I don’t want to enable clients to chase dollars at the expense of their family relationships, their health and their spirit. That’s why I start with working with clients on their purpose. I want to find out what they’re playing for first, and then help them build their finances to support what really matters (and grow their wealth along the way).

I’m here to create purpose. For me. For my clients.

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I graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. I then obtained a Master of Business Administration (with a major in Financial Planning) from the J. Mack Robinson School of Business at Georgia State University.

I began my career as a mechanical design engineer before I moved into the financial world. I designed concrete equipment, lawn service equipment, outdoor lighting and packaging machinery.

During this time, I had the unfortunate experience of working with a “financial advisor” who was, in reality, nothing more than a salesperson. He put me into some bad investments that paid him ongoing commissions, and failed to actually help me plan for anything. I was furious.

Simultaneously, I also realized that my career as a designer was at a crossroads. All the design jobs were being outsourced to China and India at that time. So, after taking a fee-only financial planner out to lunch and hearing her story, I realized that this was something that I was excited about. It also gave me the opportunity to both do good and do well.

This conversation, combined with the bad experience with my advisor, turned out to be the perfect catalyst for change. I imagined what someone who actually cared about their clients could do in this business. Since then, I’ve had a passion for this work and have never looked back. Today, I continue to be driven by my passion for doing the best, right things in this traditionally dirty profession.

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I live in Buckhead, Atlanta, where I enjoy taking full advantage of this great city. I’m passionate about photography, mountain biking, yoga, dining al fresco, cooking, watching documentaries, Clemson football, and Atlanta United soccer.

Volunteering and philanthropy also play a large role in my life outside of the office. Over the years I have enjoyed giving my time to a wide range of causes, from the Atlanta Beagle Rescue and Atlanta Clemson Club (I sat as a board member for both), to the BMW Car Club of America, Peachtree Chapter (Treasurer), Ronald McDonald House, Empty Stocking Fund, Hands On Atlanta, Habitat for Humanity, Atlanta Community Food Bank, The Mankind Project and more.

If building a relationship with a financial advisor based on honesty and transparency sounds like your kind of thing, then I’d love to chat!


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