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About Prana Wealth

Like you, we’re committed to living a life of our own choosing; freely and boldy. That’s why at Prana Wealth Management, we’re dedicated to helping you match the freedom you find in your many varied life choices, with that of your financial ones. Because one shouldn’t limit the other.

As we move through life, we grow well accustomed to thinking about the future. We dream about how we want this to look, and imagine lengthy retirements spent in the glorious pursuit of freedom.

The problem is, we’ve never been taught how to think about money, and how this aligns with the future we imagine for ourselves.

Prana Wealth offers an extensive range of financial planning services for child-free professionals as a means to move past financial uncertainty into an empowered version of ourselves. We’re here to help you live by design, not by default.

We know change isn’t easy or comfortable, but in order to realize those big dreams of yours, it’s an essential part of the process. For those that are ready, we’re here to help clear your path forward, and then walk with you every step of the way.

Over the years, we’ve helped CEOs and executives, all-star athletes, Grammy winning artists and dozens of other folks from all walks of life (including one bologna salesman) grow their financial lives.

Financial planning done right is really a kind of a Trojan Horse. On the outside, it sounds like it’s about the money. And it is. But beneath the surface, it’s really about clarity, freedom and connection to purpose – and those things are free.

We’ve seen how clients’ lives can change as soon as it “clicks” for them: we can create whatever life we want. Done right, this is meaningful work. We have the opportunity every day to make someone’s life materially better, and that’s a responsibility we never take lightly.

We bring so much more than just professional expertise to the table. The Prana Wealth ethos is heavily embedded in empathy, kindness, authenticity, honesty and integrity. Our aim is to serve as an integral advocate and partner to help you live the very best version of your life possible.

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If building a relationship with a financial advisor based on honesty and transparency sounds like your kind of thing, then we’d love to chat!


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