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Who We Serve

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Professionals Over Age 40

The majority of our clients are professionals and executives with established careers who are actively planning for retirement, if not planning to retire in the very near future.

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People Established In Life

Our clients typically have accumulated retirement assets of $400,000 or more (excluding real estate). While they appreciate nice things, they are more interested in creating rich experiences while saving for a secure future.

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People Who Want To Delegate The Details

While they control the big decisions, our clients invest in hiring a seasoned professional to help them proactively implement the details so they can spend time on what’s important.

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Mac Screen with Retirement Reality Check Assessment

Reality Check

Do you wonder if you’re on track for a healthy retirement? Our Retirement Reality Check assessment will provide insight into key areas and give you recommendations to ensure your retirement is a comfortable one.

Cost: $500

The Retirement Reality Check is designed to answer three questions that are crucial for a secure retirement:

  1. Are you on track for retirement?
  2. Can you lower your taxes?
  3. Can you improve your investments?


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Mac Screen with Retirement Reality Check Assessment
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