6 Reasons to Retire Right Now


So, how much is enough for you?

The decision to retire is often mired in plenty of ‘what if’ scenarios. It’s natural to ask yourself, “Shouldn’t I wait a few more years?” Fair enough – the longer you wait, the better the number will be.

But how much is enough? Believe it or not, if you’re already in good financial shape, there are some compelling reasons to retire right now. So, let’s delve into the why, the when, and the how of retiring today.

1. Seize the Day

While we plan for a long and healthy life, none of us are promised another day on this earth. It’s not the most comfortable thing to think about, but often I’ve seen “someday” become the biggest roadblock of living a fulfilling life. If you retire today, you’re making the most of your current state of health and energy.

My goal is to help you live a good life… and, of course, figure all this retirement shit out. But once you’re on solid footing, we need to start putting those “someday” experiences on the calendar.

2. You Don’t Have to Just Stop

Everyone reflexively goes straight to the budget, but you can always make more money. I hate the term, “living on a fixed income”, because you have more power over your income than you think.

You may have heard about this gig economy thing. And it’s not just for Instagrammers who are trying to monetize their permanent vacations. Once you’re retired, there’s a smorgasbord of opportunities to dabble in part-time work or freelance projects. For instance, you could… let’s say… start a YouTube channel and parlay that into a business.

3. Personal Development and Passion Projects

By deciding to retire today, you create a new beginning. With new space in your week, you can finally dive deep into passions you’ve been putting aside for “someday”. Whether it’s learning to paint, taking up photography, or perfecting your frozen margarita recipe, now’s the time to enrich yourself.

4. Volunteer Opportunities

Of course, you’re not limited to just improving yourself. Charitable organizations desperately need the kind of expertise and life experience that you can offer. Or they may just need someone to show up and clean. Whether it’s mentoring or pitching in with your favorite charity, if you retire right now, you can start giving back tomorrow.

5. Health and Wellness

I’ve absolutely been guilty of letting work and stress interfere with my health and wellness. If you retire right now, you can immediately make your well-being a priority. Whether its yoga, morning walks, or even just finally getting to the doctor for that overdue checkup, your health can finally stop taking a backseat.

6. Quality Time with Loved Ones

Work commitments often mean missed family gatherings, weekends spent at the office, and little time for your significant other. I often feel wracked with guilt because I don’t get up to visit my family enough. I know we’re all busy and it’s hard to stay connected with everyone these days. But if you retire right now, you can start moving those important relationships to the top of your to-do list.

Few people retire and just… do nothing. You know, long ago, the standard retirement age used to be pretty much timed to coincide with human life expectancy. That’s certainly not the case anymore.

So, if you’ve updated your financial plan and everything looks good, what are you waiting for? There are no certainties in life. Yes, putting off those “someday” items and waiting another year will make your numbers look better.

But how much is enough?

You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. Tick tock. Let’s turn “someday” into right now.

If you are absolutely ready to retire today, then check out this video where I go over five things to watch out for in your first year of retirement. See you there.

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